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Grow Kit - Palm Tree

Grow Kit - Palm Tree

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Cultivation & Care:


Palm trees provide a mini paradise in your home. This will grow into a very decorative palm tree that can be placed outside in summer. It can briefly take cold temperatures down to about freezing. The sprouting time is difficult to gauge, however. Sometimes it takes up to 7 weeks before you get to see the first green stalks. Make sure to keep the soil moist and provide partial to full sun for optimal results!

This Sprigbox is an all-inclusive garden kit containing natural seeds and a special growing media. The only thing missing is water and a loving home.


  • Remove paper sleeve packaging and sticker. Empty seed packet into the soil.
  • Carefully pour 2 tablespoons of water into the soil or until saturated.
  • Keep your Sprigbox in a bright & warm place and water daily or when the surface feels dry.
  • Sprouts will begin to show in 21-42 days. Water daily and enjoy watching it grow!
  • After about 3-6 months, re-pot your Sprigbox into a larger pot with soil for further growth.

For more information on plant care, please visit our Plant Care Instructions page or see if our Frequently Asked Questions can help you.


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