About Us!

Our History

  • Welcome to the Sprigbox Family!

    Thanks so much for checking out GetSprigbox.com! Sprigbox is the brainchild of Daniel and Natalie, a couple who found each other across continents and decided to put down roots in Chicago, USA. They founded Sprigbox in November 2019, right before the world changed drastically. Amidst a global pandemic and expecting their first child, they found solace in the simple joy of watching a plant grow from a seed. The small size of the garden cube made it possible for anyone, regardless of their living conditions, to have a piece of nature with them. This idea planted the seed for Sprigbox - a way to spread happiness and growth, one plant at a time.

    Sprigbox is all about the little things. The magic of seeing the first sprout. The satisfaction of watching your plant grow day by day. We've developed our plant grow kits with this in mind. Each kit comes with a beautiful wooden planter that not only looks good, but is also sustainable and eco-friendly. And to make sure you get the right plant for you, we have the largest selection of seed types available.

    Our mission at Sprigbox is simple: Helping humans grow. One plant at a time. We believe in the power of growth, both in plants and in people. We believe that everyone, regardless of where they live, should have the opportunity to experience the joy of gardening.

    We love hearing from you! If you're happy with your Sprigbox, leave us a review. Or if there's something we can improve on, don't hesitate to let us know. Your feedback helps us grow and serve you better. And if you're curious about what others have grown with Sprigbox, check out ourtestimonials pagefor some success stories.

    We also love seeing what you're growing! Share your Sprigbox journey with us by tagging #sprigbox on social media. Let's grow together, one plant at a time.

    Enjoy your Sprigbox, and happy gardening!

    Your Sprigbox Family

Our Mission at Sprigbox

At Sprigbox, our core mission is twofold: fostering growth and nurturing sustainability. Rooted deeply in our operations and offerings, sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment etched into every facet of our business. From eco-friendly products and packaging to our dedication to minimizing environmental impact, we're constantly striving to do better for our planet.

  • Our Promise

    Every step we take at Sprigbox is guided by our commitment to sustainability, community, and growth. As we continue to evolve and expand, these principles remain at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that we not only help humans grow, one plant at a time, but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable world for generations to come.

  • Sowing Seeds of Happiness

    There's undeniable magic in the act of planting—a seed of happiness that grows with each sprout. At Sprigbox, we’re dedicated to capturing that magic in every kit we offer, making it easy and rewarding for you to bring life into your space or to share a touch of joy with someone special.

  • Empowering Growth

    We believe in the power of growth—both for our plants and our people. Our all-inclusive plant grow kits are designed to simplify the process of bringing a bit of green into your life, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their green thumb status, can experience the joy of gardening. And for every challenge that might sprout, our team is here, ready to support and guide you towards flourishing gardens and hearts.

  • Rooted in Community

    As proud Chicagoans, our roots run deep in the heart of the Midwest, and it's from here that we spread our branches nationwide. Our commitment extends beyond just greenery; it's about cultivating a vibrant community. We're focused on bringing more of our production to the United States and creating meaningful employment opportunities, particularly for people with disabilities within our community. It’s our way of giving back and building a stronger, more inclusive society.