Care Instructions


Growing your own Sprigbox plant could not be easier. Everything is included in this home garden kit, simply add water!


Click below for instructions specific to the Sprigbox you're currently growing. However, don't forget to check out some of our pro tips below!

Aloe Vera


Brewer's Hop

Chocolate Flower

Forget Me Not




Orchid Tree





Pro Tip #1

If possible, use filtered water. Seeds trying to germinate and vulnerable sprouts do not like hard water. If you know that the water at your house is hard, then try to use filtered water for optimal results. For more information about how to water for best results, please check out our FAQ page.

Pro Tip #2

Create a mini green house effect to help your seeds to sprout and your little seedlings to make it into big healthy plants! Place a clear plastic or glass container on top of your Sprigbox, making sure that some air can still reach the plant, otherwise take the container off for approximately one hour per day for air. This will help retain moisture and improve your chances of growing a healthy plant.

Mimosa Sprigbox with glass for greenhouse effect


Pro Tip #3:

Once your plants have started growing, you may want to add some fertilizer or switch out some of the growing medium with your own soil. This will help you to continue nourishing your growing plants. We recommend Miracle-Gro products.

Pro Tip #4:

You can always reuse the wooden cube of a Sprigbox and replant it by using your own soil with your own favorite seeds! 

Further Help

Check out our FAQ page for more detailed answers to questions about watering, location, drainage, and repotting.


  1. When you receive the Sprigchain please soak the bottom of the capsule in water for approx. 2-5 minutes and wipe off excess water.
  2. Repeat soaking (2-5 minutes) approx. once per month.
  3. The cactus or succulent can live in the keychain for around 6 months.
  4. After that period of time, please transfer it into a pot. For best results use a cactus potting soil such as this product on Amazon.
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