Sprigbox Growkits

Forget needing a green thumb!

All-inclusive plant grow kits. Just add water!
It won't get easier than this.

Meet your new plant friends

Over 100,000+ sold! ★★★★★

All-inclusive. just add water!

Grow Kits

Grow a plant from seed in our all-inclusive wooden cube planters.

Get Growing!

Home Gardening Trios

Starter Kits

Three times the fun! Our all-inclusive starter kits grow three different seed types in a wooden rectangular planter. Each trio comes with a recipe to make the most of your harvest!

Let’s get the party sprouted!

Give a message that grows

Garden Seed Cards

Greeting cards with a twist you can't resist! Each card contains a wooden seed stake ready to sprout a butterfly flower garden within days of planting.

Be unique!


  • Rooted in Sustainability

    Every bit of what we do here at Sprigbox has sustainability etched into it. From the materials that make up our products to how we run things, we're always aiming to set the bar high for sustainable practices. It's just how we roll.

  • Geared for Growth

    Our plant kits come with everything you need to get that green thumb working. And hey, if you ever hit a snag, don't sweat it. Our team's always ready to lend a hand and help your plants flourish. We've got your back!

  • Blossoming in Chicago

    We're proud Chicagoans, and that's where we first laid down our roots. Even though we've grown, the heart of our operations is still right here in the Midwest. Every order you place is hand-picked and packed with love, just for you!

  • Seeds of Happiness

    There's something kinda magical about bringing a seed to life. It's way easier than you'd think, and oh so rewarding. Browse through our shop and find the perfect plant for your space, or hey, why not brighten up a loved one's day with a special gift? Go ahead, spread some green joy!

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