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β€œIt was so much fun to watch my sunflower grow from a seed all the way to a blooming flower. I couldn't believe that it just kept going and going.”

🌻 Waltraud - Chicago, Illinois

Sunflower Grow Kit



"Oh my goodness, I can't contain my excitement! Look at my mimosa! Its delicate leaves respond playfully to touch, making me feel like a magical gardener. I'm already planning my next plant adventure!"

🌱 Megan - Atlanta, Georgia

Mimosa Grow Kit
basil plant



"If I can get this to grow, you can do it too! lol"

🌿 Ethan - Portland, Oregon

Basil Grow Kit

Chocolate Flower


"Hope I won't eat too much chocolate once it starts smelling.haha"

🌱Nadia - Austin, Texas

Chocolate Flower