Garden Seed Cards

Welcome to our Garden Seed Cards FAQs page! Here, we have all the answers you need about our enchanting cards that come with organic flower seeds. Discover planting tips, recommended depths, caring instructions, and more. Unveil the wonders of nurturing nature with these unique seed-embedded cards. Happy gardening!

How to Plant your Garden Seed Card Stake?

Garden Seed Cards - Messages that grow!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Garden Seed Card?

Garden Cards are beautifully designed cards that contain a small garden stake with organic flower seeds "glued to it" with an all-natural substance.

What are the sizes of the Garden Cards?

Our garden cards are size A6 except for the Thank You, Sympathy, and Happy Birthday Cards which are available in two sizes: A6 and 4" square.

What is the ideal depth for inserting the wooden stake into the soil?

To achieve the proper depth for the wooden stake, simply push it into the soil until it reaches the marked line on the stake.

Do you offer garden seed card customization?

Yes, we do. But there's a minimum order required. You can check how to customize our garden seed cards here.


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