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Garden Seed Card - Garden Serenade

Garden Seed Card - Garden Serenade

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Don't just give a card. Give a message that grows!

Garden Seed Cards are beautiful messages that come with a decorated wooden stake with seeds glued to them. Simply stick the seed stake into the soil and watch a flower garden grow around it, all while being reminded of the beautiful lasting message on the wooden stake. Sprouts will begin showing in just days and plants will keep growing and flowering for months.

Our Garden Seed Cards are perfect for everyone looking for eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural promotional products. They are always a hit in gift stores, bookstores, garden centers, botanical gardens, and museum shops. They are an upgrade to the seed card and seed paper that has been around for a long time but has yet to be actually planted by anyone.

Size and Dimensions: A6 size (4.5" wide x 6.25" tall).

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