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Grow Kit - Mimosa
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Grow Kit - Mimosa

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Cultivation & Care:


Not the delicious orange juice drink you had in mind, this fern-like beauty is famous for being a "plant with a personality." When touched, the leaves of the mimosa plant will fold up, returning to normal within a few minutes. This entertaining plant prefers daily moisture and bright light.

This Sprigbox is an all-inclusive garden kit containing natural seeds and a special growing media. The only thing missing is water and a loving home.


  • Remove paper sleeve packaging and sticker. Empty seed packet into soil.
  • Carefully pour 2 tablespoons of water into the soil or until saturated.
  • Place a clear plastic cup or jar over soil to create a greenhouse effect until the sprouts are strong enough to grow on their own and remove glass daily for 1 hour to give plant enough air.
  • Keep your Sprigbox in a bright place and water daily or when the surface feels dry.
  • Sprouts will begin to show in 14-21 days. Water daily and enjoy watching it grow!
  • After about 3-6 months, re-pot your Sprigbox into a larger pot with soil for further growth.

For more information on plant care, please visit our Plant Care Instructions page or see if our Frequently Asked Questions can help you.