Sprigbox Review

One of our customers sent us a stunning photo of their Mimosa plant growing. We asked her to write a guest review. This is what she came up with:

I am a little bit of a garden geek. Despite my busy schedule, I have been able to maintain a few plants indoor. Taking care of the plants becomes my bonding time with my son. I am happy that he is also showing interest in plants.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we don't allow our son to go out as much for his safety. He spends most of his time watching television and playing video games. Since he shows interest in indoor plants as well, I was thinking of giving him something that will keep him away from the gadget for a while.

A picture of a plant from my friend’s Instagram story caught my attention – a Sprigbox. Being curious, I checked it right away. Upon checking, sprigbox is a small wooden cube that comes with everything you need to grow your own little Urban Garden. I was super excited about the different kinds of plants that they have. While browsing, I saw the Mimosa plant and my son suddenly came to mind. It is one of the plants that kids love. I found the item affordable so I bought one for him. It only cost $9.99. I could have saved more if I choose a 6-pack since they offered discounts but I decided to go with only one.

A Sweet Urban Garden Kit

Photo of Orchid Tree Sprigbox

This is the photo that caught my eyes. And I wasn't disappointed. The product arrives in a colorful package. The Sprigbox is about a 3 inch cube that weighs around 5-oz. My son was super excited while opening the package. His face lit up as if he’s opening a birthday present. After removing the paper sleeve packaging a beautiful cube greeted us.

The box is made from real pine wood with a ground stone substrate. The name of the plant as well as the picture is beautifully carved outside the box. It is unique and it is easy to know what kinds of plants each box contains in case you will have more than one sprigbox. The package is actually user friendly. The top of the box is securely sealed to keep the soil intact. You just have to be a little careful with removing the seal to avoid accidentally scattering the soil. On top of the soil lies the seed packet. The number of seeds is written outside the packet seed too.

The package came with instructions on how to plant the seeds as well. Planting the seeds is a piece of cake. The grow-kit contains all the things you need, and all you have to do is add water after emptying the seed packet into the soil.

Plant in a Cube

Mimosa Sprigbox growing in beautiful landscape

The seeds started to sprout a few days later and now it is growing beautifully. My son loved it. Mimosa now becomes his new favorite plant. Caring for the Mimosa is easy. When I first told my son that he will be the one to take care of it he was quite hesitant at first. He was afraid that it would not grow. But look at his plant now, it stands boastfully against the sun and my son is super proud. He is amazed at how the leaves fold up when being touched. The Mimosa plant needs to be watered daily, which my son is looking forward to every day.

Sprigboxes Pros and Cons


16 Varieties of Plants

So far, we only tried the Mimosa, but Sprigboxes actually have 16 varieties of plants. You can save more when you purchase a 6-pack rather than the individual product. With the number of plants available you can choose something that you can add to your collection. It has herbs, flowers, and exotic plants. If you love cooking, you can use the different herbs to add flavor to your dishes.
There are also different kinds of flowers that will help brighten up your place. They have chocolate flowers, gerbera daisy, sunflower, and others. Aloe Vera and Sprig key-chain cactus are also good for succulent plant lovers.

Fresh herbs within reach

We always wanted something fresh and organic. With Sprigbox, you can now grow your own mint, basil, oregano, and rosemary. You can freshly pick one to garnish or add it to your dishes. You can also add a little spice to your dish with chili. Aside from kitchen purposes, herbs also help repel pests. For example for basil, it helps repeal not only mosquitoes but also flies. The lavender also helps to keep away moths, spiders, flies, and mosquitoes.

Can be used as a gift

Are you always torn about what gift to give? Or you want something different? Sprigboxes can also be sent as a gift. This can be your new go-to gift. Rather than sending a typical & lame gift, you can surprise them with Sprigboxes. Especially if they love plants, they will appreciate this as an addition to their collection. You can also give a twist of gifting chocolate with chocolate flowers. The sweet smell of this plant will always remind your loved ones about you.

Great as a hobby

Gardening helps us connect with nature. Even if you're living in an urban area, gardening should not be a luxury. With the different kinds of plants that the sprigbox offer, you can create your own little garden. You can actually raise them indoors or if you have enough space outside you can re-pot them. But re-potting is not really necessary if you prefer to keep them indoors.

Plant like a Pro

Sprigbox made gardening easier. You can easily grow your own plants even if you’re a beginner. It saves you a lot of time from buying your own pot, soil and seeds. Everything is provided in the grow kit. All you need to do is add some water. Indoor plant is known to help absorb air toxin, reduce stress, boost mood and creativity.


No refill

They don’t offer refill packs for soil and seeds. You can reuse the wooden cube but you have to use it with your own soil and seeds.

No notes for gifts

Adding a note and the like for the gifts is currently on hold. When I reached out to customer service, they told me that they had to adjust their fulfillment process due to Covid and currently can’t include gift notes. However, they only send gift receipts. It is an invoice without the price.

Sprigbox is made for those who want to grow their own plants and garden despite living in an urban environment. You can even grow your own indoor plants even if you don't have much space at home. Planting and taking care of the sprigboxes does not consume too much of your time too, therefore it will not affect your work schedule.


After I saw how easy it is to grow the Sprigbox, I am now thinking of adding sprigboxes to my indoor plants. The size of the Sprigboxes is just small so it will not occupy a lot of space. The selection of Sprigbox flowers can also add colors to my windowsill.

Being a Mom my schedule is always full every day. With Sprigboxes, I can continue with my passion without sacrificing time for my family. I always love gardening. It helps me calm down and also creates a bond with my son. Growing my own plants makes me appreciate them more.