Sprigbox Garden Cards

Sprigbox Garden Card - Garden Stake with descriptionSprigbox Garden Card - Front with descriptionSprigbox Garden Card - Inside with description

What is it?

Our Sprigbox Garden Cards are beautifully designed cards that contain a small garden stake with organic flower seeds "glued to it" with an all natural substance.

Why is it so popular?

The stake has your logo or message of choice laser engraved on it. These seeds are very durable and have an extremely high germination rate and will produce a mini bee & butterfly-friendly garden with proper care. The marketing message will stick around (pun intended) as well, thanks to the engraved logo/message.

Everything is customizable more or less depending on your budget and our team will work with you on that.

Give me some of the Hard Facts please!

  • Dimensions: 3.75 in x 3.75 in x 0.125 in
  • Weight: 6 g = 0.22 oz
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500 pieces
  • Lead Time: 2.5 - 4 weeks

Sounds good?

How can I get these beautiful cards for my project?

Send us an inquiry below containing the following information. We will respond within 24 hours, but usually faster:

  • Quantity
  • Delivery Date
  • Brief description of project